If you are experiencing an emergency, call 919-876-4658 immediately.


This is not an answering service – we monitor our calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to all emergencies.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration

We understand the tremendous devastation fire can create from the initial loss of facilities, electronics, machinery and documents to the loss of business continuity. Fire damage can be catastrophic, not only from the fire and soot, but also from the water and fire retardants used to stop the fire.


Abatement Restoration Specialists is experienced and equipped to rapidly respond to a fire event. Trained personnel will be dispatched to your site to implement emergency measures to mitigate loss and secure your property from further fire and smoke damage. We will relocate the building contents to a secure warehouse for cleaning, restoration and storage until structural repairs are complete


ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE? Do not put your building or its occupants at risk! Certify and maintain your fire dampers.


During a fire, your company may experience fire or smoke damage to important documents, electronics, drawings, or artwork. We are properly equipped and have the technology and training for document & conservation restoration. We guarantee your organization’s privacy, security and confidentiality of all items being restored.


When the unexpected occurs, it is important to have the right partner support for your recovery efforts.


E-cube demo training available. Recommended for: Real Estate Directors, Building Owners & Managers, Facility Managers, Service Technicians, and Risk Managers

Abatement Restoration Specialists provides the following Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration services:
24/7 Assistance

When you are in the midst of an emergency, we will give you immediate response to help minimize your business downtime. Abatement Restoration Specialists is ready to mobilize crews and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to work with you, and your insurance company, to properly mitigate your loss.

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