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Indoor Environmental Program

What is inside your walls? It is what you do not see that counts!


Our Indoor Environmental Program offers four modules:


Water Damage Restoration

  • Properly restore a building after a water damage
  • Demonstrate it is less costly to properly restore a water loss than it is to conduct a microbial remediation—saving time and money


Mold Remediation

  • Contaminant control methods include: barriers, air flow or pressure differentials, and air filtration
  • The importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and proper containment of the remediation area to prevent cross contamination to unaffected areas


Indoor Environmental Quality Test

  • The basic principles of what to look for in an In-door Environmental Quality (IEQ ) investigation
  • IEQ for proactive building maintenance


HVAC System Cleaning and Decontamination

  • The different procedures of cleaning an HVAC system
  • Different stages of cleaning and decontamination of a HVAC unit, supply fan, ductwork, and plenums
  • The opportunity to perform different cleaning methods in order to understand the difference between fraudulent sales pitches, duct cleaning, HVAC system cleaning


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Many of the organizations we partner with have employees and facilities located across a geographic area. We created the E-cube (Environmental Educational Experience), as a mobile training unit. This allows an organization to provide customized training at our in-house training facility or take the training on the road to one or more designated sites. The mobile aspect of the E-cube creates hub training sites to service staff disbursed over a geographic area.


The E-cube is not your typical classroom. It allows a simple, real-world demonstration that offers participants an opportunity to “roll up their sleeves” and conduct the tasks of a full-scale remediation and restoration. We demonstrate the proper methods for restoration, remediation protocols and techniques. Also we explain the regulatory rules, guidelines and industry standards that determine the protocols for a wide-range of building systems.


Click here to see the Evolution of the E-cube, using 85% recycled materials


All training programs are taught by our team at Abatement Restoration and industry specialists. Private sessions are available. Customized training is available to ensure the focus is on your team, facilities and procedures. The E-cube is mobile, we can come to you or you can complete the training at our facility. Training is available in:  two-day, full-day and half-day sessions.


Professionals that would benefit from E-cube training: Real Estate Directors, Building Owners & Managers, Facility Managers, Service Technicians, and Risk Managers


Click below to learn more about our Storm Summit Program

Storm Summit Program
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