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Drying, Dehumidifying & Deodorization

Abatement Restoration Specialists has a proven track record in the drying of building structures. Using the proper equipment, we are capable of responding to a major water event. We are focused on reducing down time, limiting content damage and mitigating the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.


A water intrusion, if left unattended or not completely dried and dehumidified can be a catalyst for the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. This can also lead to damage to the building and the contents within.


There is also a significant difference in the categories of water intrusions – clean water, gray water and black water. The category of water intrusion will drive the protocol and process of the cleanup and drying. Time still remains a factor in the process keeping health and safety at the forefront.


E-cube demo training available. Recommended for: Real Estate Directors, Building Owners & Managers, Facility Managers, Service Technicians, and Risk Managers

Abatement Restoration provides the following in the event of a major water intrusion:
  • Available 24/7 with rapid response for emergencies with no additional fees for after hours, weekend or holidays
  • Experienced team with certifications in water restoration and remediation
  • Equipment is included in the project, there are no hidden rental fees
  • Ability to set up proper containment and air scrubbers for sewage remediations
  • Odor control equipment, such as ozone machines or air scrubbers with charcoal filters
  • Performs electronic and document restoration services at our private and secure facility
All services are performed in accordance with the IICRC S500 Guidelines.
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