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Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography measures the infrared energy of an object and produces a detailed visual image of its temperature profile. It is the quickest and easiest method for detecting energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. Thermal Imaging provides companies with the information needed to detect issues and even correct unseen issues. Most insurance companies use Thermal Imaging to check electrical panels for loose connections. This reduces time and resources using traditional methods to detect issues and results in quicker corrective action. Thermal Imaging can decrease downtime and increase safety.

We use Thermal Imaging as a non-destructive test method to locate issues involving indoor environments:
  • Poor insulation, poorly sealed windows and doors, inadequate or poorly sealed ductwork, or plumbing leaks
  • Moisture, whether from leaks or condensation and wet areas in buildings
  • Problems in electrical, mechanical and structural systems, preventing downtime, guiding corrective action and increasing safety
  • Safely inspect electrical components
  • Pinpoint small natural gas leaks with GasFindIR
Interesting notes on Thermal Imaging:
  • Firefighters use thermography to see through smoke to find persons and to localize the base of a fire
  • It is capable of catching moving targets in real time
  • It is a non-destructive test method
  • It can be used to detect objects in dark areas
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