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Document Conservation Restoration

Time is of the essence in the process of document restoration as the deterioration process begins immediately after a fire or water event. A paper object exposed to water can develop mold growth within 48 hours. This will not only add to the deterioration of the item, but will add steps to the restoration process.


Abatement Restoration Specialists utilizes the most advanced techniques available, including: vacuum freeze drying, desiccant drying and conventional hot air drying chambers, to restore documents that have been damaged by fire, water, mold, dust or explosion. We can quickly assess the damages, develop and implement a plan to mitigate damages and restore the documents. These non-chemical processes can rescue a large percentage of all fire and water damaged material. Abatement Restoration Specialists guarantees privacy, security and confidentiality of all documents restored.


Our trained technicians can restore medical records, x-ray film, legal records, leather, fine art, prints and drawings, memorabilia, antiques, archaeological wood and furniture, and much more.

Tips for Water Damaged Documents:

Contact Us Immediately

Time is of the essence. If immediate action is taken, virtually all of your documents can be recovered. You must act quickly as harmful molds and other contamination can begin to form almost immediately.  The quicker we can respond to water damaged documents the greater the chance of restoring them to their original form.



Communicate with all parties involved for allowing access to secured areas, approval of work orders, release of documents, and order of importance.



Limit the possible exposure to harmful molds and bacteria on water damaged documents. Disposable gloves and protective masks should be worn by all personnel handling damaged documents.



Various drying methods are used depending on the state of the documents. The original condition of the documents will dictate expectations post restoration process. Prioritizing critical documents is an essential task to ensure the restoration process can begin as quickly as possible.  Be careful touching and handling saturated paper, this can hinder the restoration process.



Keep all water damaged books and documents tightly within the confines a box but never force a volume or document in place. This will help preserve them in their original form, and keep them from ripping, warping and discoloring until they go through the freeze drying process.

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